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International FTZ Expo 2018

International FTZ Expo

International FTZ Expo is the first of its kind show that will focus on the Indian and International Free-Trade Zones, Special Economic Zones, trade and investment promotion organizations, industrial hubs, etc. It will have participation of free-trade zones in India and nearby countries UAE, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia etc. and showcase their infrastructure, locational advantages, facilities, tax/economic benefits and services.


As a concept, Free Trade-Zones has come a long way since it was initiated decades ago. The objectives behind setting up of Free-trade Zones and Special Economic Zones was primarily to enhance trade by attracting investments to create world-class facilities, become enclaves of excellence, boost exports, foreign exchange earnings and create job opportunities.

An additional objective to setup FTZs was to deliver to developing regions gains from transfer of knowledge and technology. Over time, from a free zone perspective, the emphasis has shifted from merely allocating/ leasing space to providing value added services and then on to becoming business partners.

India was one of the first in Asia to recognise the effectiveness of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) model in promoting exports with Asia's first EPZ set up in Kandla in 1965. A new SEZ policy was announced in 2000. Since then, SEZs have played an important role in boosting the Indian economy and contribute over USD 82 billion worth of exports from India and employ over 16 lakh people.

Indian Market Scenario

Outbound investments from India in international markets has seen a consistent growth over the years. With easier procedures of foreign investments, big Indian companies and SMEs from diverse sectors are increasingly looking for attractive destinations where they can get suitable infrastructure, lower costs, logistical support and good trade, credit and taxation benefits.

Outward Foreign Direct Investments from India have been on the rise and stood at US$ 2.69 billion in May 2016 as compared to US$ 1.92 billion in June 2015.

FDI from India increased by 8 per cent. On the sector front, transportation, storage & communication services drew maximum investment outflows from India (28 per cent). Companies have also been actively investing in sectors such as manufacturing (24 per cent), agriculture & mining (21 per cent), wholesale, retail trade & restaurant (10 per cent), financial institution & business services (8 per cent).


Along with the show there will be a conference addressed by India’s leading economic experts, government officials, and policy makers as they share the latest insights and analysis on the growing importance and impact of special economic zones across the globe. Experts will also talk about the best in class international standards for free trade zones and latest innovations offered by international FTZs with state-of-the-art technology which can be emulated by the SEZs in India.

Exhibitor Profile

  • FTZs and SEZs – who want to invite Indian investors
  • Investment Promotion Bodies
  • Export Promotion Councils
  • Trade Organisations
  • Technology and Equipment Providers – Exhibiting latest products & solutions
  • Trade & Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Consultants – Exhibiting Solutions
  • Legal & Advisory Services – Exhibiting solutions

Visitor/Delegates Profile

Private Sector
  • Manufacturers – Trade Compliance & Supply Chain Heads
  • Supply-Chain IT Providers
  • International Logistics & Freight forwarders
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Exporters, Customs agents, Carriers, Importers
  • Port operators, Secure freight parking operatives
  • Airline loaders
  • Technologies
  • Suppliers & Consultants
  • Legal, Advisory, Academics & Economists
  • Director Generals / Heads Of Customs Agencies (Regional)
  • Divisional Directors
  • Heads International & Government Relations
  • Head IT and Technologies
  • Border Protection Agencies
  • Heads Taxation, Excise Collection & related agencies
  • ICT & Technology
  • Customs & Trade Technologies & Solutions
  • Security & Trade Facilitation Solutions
  • Customs & Trade Consulting & Advisory
  • Customs Hardware Providers
  • Special Trade & Economic Zones
  • Logistics & Freight Forwarders

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International FTZ Expo

The Ashok Convention Centre
50-B, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021, INDIA
Time: 9am onwards (17th-18th November 2018)